Our Story


Hello! This is Thomas who is a Co-Founder of Costige.

As a professional who had worked in the hospitality industry, the customer experience has been the top priority for me no matter where I worked.

When I was dreaming about having my own business, I always remind myself that I should provide the best and positive experience no matter what I sell.

The joy of my product cannot be thankful enough, and I have been wanting to have the feeling more and more so it led me to find a daily use product in the lifestyle category.

I have struggled whenever I select towels due to my sensitive skin, and personally don't like the odor from towels that I used multiple times. I kept thinking that it would be a great item if I can find a better towel for myself, and that's where the Costige has started. My wife and I decided to find a manufacturer who can satisfy us along with our high-quality standards, and we successfully found one after 2 years of research and site visiting.

Without our efforts and vision that we want to have the best quality, we were not able to here today. We are looking to step up to the next stage where we will not only make a successful business but also contribute positively to the environment and society (We donated all testing sample towels to a shelter in NYC - over 100 bath towels that were printed "You are amazing" - that's also where we appeared in the public).

We are facing the most memorable and meaningful moment that can be a huge motivation for us, and looking for some help from you who can support us to grow & contribute environment and society together! 

- Thomas Cho (Co-Founder, CEO, Costige)
- Kate Lee (Co-Founder, CMO, Costige)

At Costige,

our products are made organically and with care to protect your skin.