Bamboo Bath Towels


Include: 1 Bath towel ( 27.5” x 55”)

Costige Bamboo Towel blend with microfibers gives you the softest touch, super absorbency, and fast dry. Costige Bamboo Towel is designed to keep you, your loved ones, and the earth safe!

From a small hand towel to a bath towel, meet the absolute essentials, three types of "Costige Bamboo" series that both adults and children can safely use!

What to Avoid:

Washing with other products
If washing with other products, chemicals such as optical brighteners may rub off on the towel.

Excess laundry detergent and only use fabric softener when needed
This will prevent the towel from losing its absorbency.
Chlorine bleach
The chemicals will dye the cotton and weaken the fibers.

What to Recommend:

We recommend the first wash of your towel with just water before use
This will eliminate and rid any dusts that were created during production. 
Tumble dry low
This will prevent the towels from losing their life and also the softness. 

If there is a loose wool after the wash, please do not pull
Simply cut the loose string. Pulling the loose wool may further damage the product. 

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